Music Specialists working with children and adults with profound physical and learning disabilities

To promote, encourage and support freedom of self-expression and creativity through music making where equality, accessibility and enjoyment is at the heart.

F Sharp Music focuses on children and adults who have physical and learning disabilities who may find it difficult to access music activities due to their disability or lack of resources.

We believe

Music is essential

It is every persons right to be able to access music activities, regardless of the challenges they may have in their life. At F Sharp Music, we love being able to make music as accessible as possible and too see confidence and independence grow in the people we work with.

Anything is possible

A lot of the time our music sessions are thinking outside the box and sometimes going against convention. We do this so everyone can enjoy, participate and develop their skills in a way that suits their needs and abilities.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new online shop! You can now buy our Music Sensory Boxes, bags and resource booklets.

Our Music Sensory Boxes and bags are filled with a selection of themed props and instruments, accompanied by a resource book of songs and links to videos.
These props and instruments will allow you to set up your own engaging and themed musical activity.

Lovely things people have said

“Fiona is a fantastic music teacher who makes sure everyone is included.”

“The music lessons have been a very positive experience, not just for my daughter but for the whole family.”

“The music sessions are a highlight of our son’s week! Fiona always makes her music sessions fun and stimulating.”

“BEST!!! music group there is “

We strongly promote music as an activity that everyone has a right to play and enjoy. Manipulating instruments to suit peoples needs is key to what F Sharp Music practice does, allowing music making to be as accessible as possible.