Making Music With Max

My musical journey with Max has been going for nearly six months and we have experienced some wonderful moments together through music.

Max has two wonderful carers whom he clearly adores. When we started working together Max often deferred to these carers as we began making choices about choosing instruments to play. Over the months that we have been creating music this has become less and less, so much so that the carers now have to ask if they can join in!

We spend a lot of time singing. Old and familiar songs, but more recently we have introduced new tunes and words. Max learns these songs with speed and from an initial reluctance to sing at all now dominates the room with his voice. Not only is Max participating in the singing he is grinning from ear to ear… too.

I love to be able to explore new sounds with Max and learn with him how to make things change and then use them in creative pieces or just have the space to enjoy the sounds. We have recently experimented with hitting metal objects and then dipping them into water. Our first instrument, the chimes, didn’t work at all. However when we hit the triangle and dipped that in and out of the water the sound changes were amazing. An even bigger grin spread over Max’s face.

Max has an incredible sense of pulse and is able to copy rhythmic patterns. When the rhythms are challenging we break them down and learn them together. When I forget the pattern from the week before Max looks at me with a glint in his eye and reminds me of what we were doing the last time. It is wonderful when, in something that has been difficult at the start, we have found a way  to execute it through playing and experimenting. 

One of the things that I have loved seeing in Max is his fearlessness. He enjoys every moment of creativity and he has no limitations. This inspires me in my joy of creating and sharing.

I am often restricted, in my job as an orchestral player, to play notes on a page. When with Max we can have fun, explore, laugh, sing, play and create. Each week brings learning and connection. I think secretly Max wants us to start a Band. There is no stopping him/us… I wonder what we will call ourselves!