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My son Loves his music sensory boxes!!

They contain everything that’s needed for the specific theme and a brilliant resource pack with things to make, songs to sing and ways to include items from the box ( for someone like me with no imagination, this has been fantastic).

A Resource booklet also accompanies the boxes and bags, including an optional craft activity which can be used as a prop for the songs in the booklet. There is a selection of songs associated with the theme, and QR codes linking the songs to the F Sharp Music YouTube channel so you can sing and play along to the video.  Each song in the booklet suggests instruments and props to use for the song.

Listed below are the 5 current music sensory themes.

“The music sensory boxes are brilliant as they include instruments and props that can be used for songs to encourage engagement with my child. My child loves the different sensory aspects particularly the leaves, fan and the thunder noise.

It means we can get out the box and this can be an activity we both enjoy for a good period of time. It encourages music time together that has a structure which is easy to follow.”

F Sharp Music can make personalised music sensory boxes if you would like a specific theme or a mixture of favourite songs/props for an individual or group. 

Prices vary and are available upon request. Please contact hello@fsharpmusic.co.uk if you would like further information on this.