‘Songwriting’ written by David Waring

Ewen accesses weekly music sessions with F Sharp Music Practitioner David, and particularly enjoys writing songs. Recently Ewen and David have written a song all about Ewen’s toy monkey called Lisa. Here David writes about Ewen’s musical journey writing his song about Lisa the Monkey. 

Songwriting is a brilliant way to be creative and it’s also a great form of self-expression. During a recent music session, Ewen and I wrote a song all about Lisa the monkey. Ewen has had Lisa the monkey for many years. There’s a running joke that Lisa throws wild parties when Ewen leaves his flat. Thankfully, Ewen has two other monkeys called Bobby and Geoffrey who keep an eye on Lisa. 

We tried a few ideas and thought the lyrics with the blues chord progression went together well. After practicing the song several times, we recorded it using the Zoom H6 handheld voice recorder. The song was then edited on the computer using the software ‘Pro Tools’. 

I really enjoyed working with Ewen on this song and look forward to writing more in the future. 

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