Lovely things people have said

“BEST music group there is !!!!"

"Lots of fun, very stimulating and Fiona is a fantastic teacher who makes sure everyone is included."

"My son wouldn't miss this music group for anything and I don’t know what we would do without it.”

“Fiona always makes her music sessions fun and stimulating. She tailors each session to my son's specific needs/moods/likes while encouraging him to work hard using a wide variety of music instruments."

“Your music sessions are a highlight of Jonathan’s week!"

“My son Billy, who is autistic, has been lucky to have attended music sessions with Fiona for a number of years now. The progress he is making is just amazing, learning to play the keyboard with two hands and using different instruments. Fiona is very intuitive to Billy’s’ mood on the day and adapts the session accordingly.  Billy loves his time with Fiona, that is obvious for all to see. And as a family we are very grateful.”

"My daughter is 33 years old and has a profound learning disability.  Until the pandemic we attended weekly group face to face music sessions with Fiona which we all really enjoyed.  When face to face sessions were no longer possible, we were able to arrange online one to one sessions with Fiona.  My daughter is usually very reluctant to engage with online activities but they have proved to be enormously beneficial for her.  She has always enjoyed the songs but now she is also using communication cards and objects of reference to choose songs and activities.  This has made the music sessions even more meaningful  and she has also discovered new skills.  Her sister is now able to join in virtually.  These sessions have been a very positive experience, not just for my daughter but for the whole family.”

“Fiona has been a very important part of Ellie's life since we started joining Fiona's on line music sessions during lockdown. Ellie loves music and Fiona has managed to build a relationship with Ellie over the months purely online. Fiona is amazing, she makes up wonderful sessions, either person centred or group, uses great props and encourages us to join in and be part of the group, she includes everyone. Ellie has benefitted from Fiona's music therapy in many ways, not least because she has made new friends and has taken to looking at the screen when Fiona is there."

"My son has been enjoying the music sessions now for 12 years. The connection between my son and Fiona is clearly seen with the eye contact and smile he shows during the sessions. The interaction and the work that Fiona has put together to make these sessions fun is simply unique. Fiona has given my son a sense of joy, fun, laughter and most of all a friendship where music brings so much happiness together."

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