what We Do

F Sharp Music

offers fun, individually designed music sessions both in a 1:1 and group setting for all ages and disabilities. 

Following our core values of respect, care and equality, our vision is to make music playing an enjoyable and accessible activity that can be accessed by everyone using a wide range of instruments, techniques and technology.

F Sharp Music was founded in 2013 by Fiona Sharp, a Music Specialist with over 15 years experience working in the field of music and disability. Over 15 years Fiona has worked across Scotland with children and adults all of ages with varying disabilities and has collaborated with a number or Scottish organisations, charities, schools and councils. 

Music activity can encourage and support the development of motor skills, social skills, independence, confidence, communication, choice making, listening skills, visual awareness, self-expression and creativity. F Sharp Music use a wide range of techniques and technology to help make music activity as accessible as possible:

At F Sharp Music we use a music notation system called Figurenotes to help people learn to read and play music. Figurenotes uses shapes and colours to represent the notes and works in three stages, the final stage introducing conventional music notation. 

F Sharp Music uses a variety of music apps and software: Thumbjam, Pro Tools, MuseScore , Figurenotes Software and Garageband and have had many clients over the years choosing to record songs and write their own music.

Sensory lights and equipment can also play a fundamental role in music sessions particularly those who have more profound multiple learning and physical disabilities. 

Finally F Sharp Music also have Music Sensory Boxes© following specific themes which encourage a wide range of skills. These boxes can be ordered through F Sharp Music and can be used individually or as a group

We believe

music to be an essential part of any persons life. It it is every persons right to be able to access music activities, regardless of the challenges they may have in their life. At F Sharp Music we love being able to make music as accessible as possible and to see confidence and independence grow in the people we work with. Please see our services outlined below and then contact us if you have any questions or you’d like to book with us.

Specifically designed for children and adults with disabilities, 1:1 music sessions are delivered face to face or online. The sessions are person-centred, individually structured and formatted, encouraging and supporting the development of motor skills, concentration, communication, confidence, listening skills, engagement and interaction. 

Monthly reports are provided and photo and video evidence on request.

Group sessions can be delivered face-to-face or online on Zoom. It is suggested that there is a maximum of 6 participants in face-to-face sessions. 

The group sessions follow various themes which focus on encouraging developments in motor skills, listening skills, choice making, turn taking, social interaction, concentration, communication and confidence.

Fiona Sharp:

30 minutes – £30

45 minutes – £40

1 hour – £50


F Sharp Music Practitioners:

30 minutes – £25

45 minutes – £35

1 hour – £45

Music Workshops

The music workshops are aimed as a one-off group music session. Workshops can be designed for service users and/or carers in Day Centres, residential homes, pupils and/or staff in schools and music professionals. They can be designed to suit a specific theme or focus on an area of interest to the participants. Music workshops are also great fun for staff team days or team building exercises. The workshops can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Workshop Fees

Fiona Sharp:

1/2 day £200

Full Day – £350


F Sharp Music Practitioners:

1/2 day: £150

Full Day: £300


With 15 years experience working as a Music Specialist in the field of Disability, Fiona Sharp leads training sessions for carers, family members, organisations and charities, councils and schools. The training can be offered as half day or a full day. If there is a specific area of focus, training can be offered over a number of sessions. 

Training can be focused on a specific area. Some previous training sessions have been:

  • Musical ideas for staff to use in care homes/residential homes
  • Music notation systems
  • Ideas on how to lead group music sessions
  • Music sensory ideas for people with sensory impairments 
  • Music sensory ideas for people with Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD)
  • Using iPad and technology for music sessions

Please contact hello@fsharpmusic.co.uk if you are interested in arranging a training session and we can discuss various options with you.

Training Fees

1/2 day – £250

Full day – £450


Consultation is available for organisations, charities, schools and councils, looking for advice and support with music and disability.

F Sharp Music have been advisors with The Royal Scottish National Orchestra with their school projects and have also consulted with various schools, charities, councils and organisations. 

We are happy to advise or consult on a specific area within a project or developments within the organisation relating to music accessibility for children and adults with disabilities. 

Please contact hello@fsharpmusic.co.uk for further information regarding consultation and what options we can offer you

Consultation Fees

1/2 day – £250

Full day – £450

Songwriting and Composing

Fiona Sharp composes music and songs  including storytelling resources, music resources, school projects, Arts projects and for individual clients. If you are looking for music material for a specific project or resource, please contact Fiona at hello@fsharpmusic.co.uk.

Songwriting Fees

From £40 an hour

Please contact us if you have any questions or you’d like to book in with us.

We’d love to hear from you, and love welcoming new people into our classes!